Teambuilding Programs

Technical know-how isn’t all it takes to build a thriving business. You want your people to impress your customers and get on with each other. You need to build teams with positive dynamics, where constructive relationships lead to success.  You’re willing to develop your team to be the best it can be. That’s why you want the best teambuilding you can find –and you’ve found it with Difficult People Made Easy.

Bring out the best in your team with workshops such as:

  • Personalities working together – a program based on MBTI personality preferences
  • Finding your groove – a visioning workshop where live musicians inspire your team
  • Get SMART about objectives – a strategic planning program where actors bring your vision to life
  • Building a STAR team – a interactive dialogue process designed to address team dynamics problems

Our people skills experts are inspiring facilitators who make change stick.  We use your team’s experience as the starting point for learning powerful new skills and behaviours. And we keep the workshop dynamic safe, so that even when there’s an elephant in the room it won’t stomp on anyone.

Contact us to discuss YOUR teambuilding options.

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