Do YOU have a people problem?

We can help you solve it. To get started use our free questionnaires to pinpoint exactly what’s happening. Then download the five page report which explains how to deal with the issue you’re facing. Its quick, easy and effective. Get started NOW.

Situation analyser

This tool is for managers and HR practitioners who need to pinpoint the source of problems in the workplace. Use it to assess whether a problem is caused by dysfunctional team dynamics, under-developed team communication skills or individual performance issues. Then download a fact sheet which explains how to address the situation you’re facing.

Behaviour analyser

The behaviour analyser is for professionals who need to work out what style of difficult person they’re dealing with. Use it to assess whether you’re dealing with passive, passive-aggressive or aggressive behaviour. Then download a fact sheet which explains what to say and how to handle that style of behaviour.

Self analyser

This questionnaire is for individuals who want to identify their own communication style. Use it to assess whether others perceive you to be passive, passive-aggressive or aggressive in your communication style. Then download a fact sheet which explains how to shift from your dominant style to more assertive communication patterns.

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