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Need help sorting out conflict or communication problems?

Working with a communication coach will set you on the path to success. A communication coach is someone who advises and supports you in dealing with tough conversations. She offers advice and micro skills training on how to deal with YOUR specific situation. Our communication coaching services are delivered by people skills expert, Eleanor Shakiba. You can see her in action in this demonstration of coaching techniques.

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Eleanor can help you:

  • Work out what’s going wrong in difficult relationships
  • Plan your approach to a tricky discussion
  • Keep your feelings in check around difficult people
  • Build an action plan for handling people problems
  • Get results from conflict resolution or mediation sessions
  • Feel confident dealing with negative people

Unsure whether you need coaching or counselling? 

This is a good question. It’s easier to decide when you know the difference between the two modalities. Coaching focuses on bringing out the best in people who are psychologically healthy. It helps you develop new behaviours and thinking patterns – but it does notaddress psychological or emotional problems. Counselling, on the other hand, involves exploring your past and addressing psychological or emotional concerns. The goal of counselling is to you recover from past psychological ‘wounds’ and build mental health.

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