Coaching Packages

Build your skills with one-to-one coaching

Do you need to sort out a problematic situation? Or would you like to create stronger, healthier relationships? Or perhaps you want to be the best communicator you can be? Coaching can help you achieve these goals.

Coaching is a process for developing your skills in a confidential, one-to-one context. During your coaching program, you’ll receive personal training from people skills expert, Eleanor Shakiba. Eleanor has helped thousands of people like YOU develop skills for success. If you want to become a better, more confident professional, Eleanor is the right coach for you.

In your coaching sessions, you’ll get one-to-one attention and micro skills training. You’ll learn how to use breakthrough thinking and communication skills. Eleanor will give you advice on your situation, teach you practical skills and help you start new habits. After drawing up a blueprint for action, you’ll learn how to make that plan work in the real world. You’ll leave every coaching session feeling motivated and supported.

If you want more success in life and business, purchase your personal skype or phone coaching program NOW.

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