You can Handle Guilt Mongers

banner_guiltDoes someone you know excel at making you feel guilty? It’s time to take control of your reaction. Relax and take in the behaviour programming suggestions on this powerful audio program. It will teach you how to:

  • Prevent feelings of guilt being triggered by others’ behaviours
  • Be in control of your feelings around guilt mongers
  • Create a clear separation between yourself and others in order to maintain emotional distance
  • Manage your own thoughts and feelings to prevent guilt setting in
  • Program yourself to respond resourcefully in situations which used to make you feel guilty
  • Get positive outcomes in your life without experiencing feelings of guilt
  • Draw on past positive states so you can feel assertive around manipulative people

How does this audio session work?

Handling Guilt Mongers puts the power of self-hypnosis in your hands. It teaches you step-by-step processes for shifting what you think, say and do – so you can handle people who play psychological games quickly and easily.

As you relax and listen to this audio session, you’ll absorb a strategy for handling guilt mongers which was developed using ‘behavioural modeling’ techniques. What does this mean? That an expert in applied psychology – Eleanor Shakiba – observed and ‘mapped’ the processes naturally assertive people use to handle people who play psychological games. Then Eleanor recorded a hypnosis session which teaches those processes to YOU quickly and easily.

Who is Eleanor Shakiba?

Eleanor is a well-known Australian trainer and coach. She’s passionate about teaching successful people – like you – to use breakthrough communication tools. Eleanor believes that everyone has the ability to learn and change. She recorded this audio session to bring the power of self hypnosis to people who can’t work with her personally. Read more about Eleanor’s qualifications and experience in her professional profile.

Eleanor has trained thousands of people to live happier, more resourceful lives and take on the habits of high impact communicators. Now it’s your turn to tap into her expertise.

What is self-hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis induces a trance state. When you’re in trance, you become very relaxed and highly responsive to suggestion. You’re able to learn new thinking patterns and behaviours quickly and easily. That’s why self-hypnosis is a powerful self-development tool.

This audio session helps you enter a trance state. It then delivers hypnotic suggestions which will help you deal with handling guilt mongers in better, more resourceful ways.

Safety considerations

Always remember that this audio session induces a state of deep relaxation. Do not listen to it in situations where you need to be alert and consciously aware. Before listening to it, find a safe place where you can relax completely and will not be interrupted.  You should not listen this audio session or play it within hearing of anyone who is driving or operating machinery.

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