What is aggressive behaviour?

Aggressive behaviour is extremely destructive behaviour. When difficult people resort to aggressive behaviour, they deliberately try to harm you. Their hostile intent is expressed verbally, physically and tonally. For example, difficult people will often resort to using insults and threats to get what they want. These are aggressive verbal tactics. Some aggressors will slam doors, use threatening gestures or invade your personal space. These are aggressive physical acts. Other problem people will speak in a hostile, demeaning or abrasive tone. They are using aggressive tonal tactics.

The aim of all these aggressive tactics is to exert control and force compliance. That’s what aggression is all about control. Aggressive behaviour is domineering and abusive. It aims to assert power over you and to force compliance. Often, aggressive people believe that they must win at all costs. This leads them to use overwhelming, bullying tactics to beat you into submission. Aggressive people are skilled in violating your boundaries yet they will be very vocal about maintaining their own limits.

The aim of aggression is to exert control

Typical tactics of aggressive people at work include shouting, threatening, invading your personal space and putting you down. Their threatening behaviour is always underpinned by low levels of emotional intelligence. After all, people with high emotional intelligence know how to influence with integrity. Aggressive people, on the other hand, resort to abusive behaviour. In the workplace they will use tactics like these to get their way:

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