About Difficult People Made Easy

We help YOU solve people problems

As people skills experts, we’re passionate about teaching breakthrough communication techniques. We empower people to sort out conflicts, negotiate confidently and speak assertively. If you want to build better communication habits, we can help you.

Meet the creator of Difficult People Made Easy

Our team is led by Australian people skills expert, Eleanor Shakiba. Eleanor has trained over 48,000 people like you. She knows the frustrations that come with dealing with difficult people– because she’s experienced them herself. She’s moved beyond toxic relationships and come out stronger. She’s overcome depression and learned how to stand up for herself. Every skill Eleanor teaches, she’s mastered herself. So how did she develop her expertise?

When she entered the workforce, Eleanor was timid and unassertive. She avoided conflict. She hated speaking in groups and team meetings. If other people treated her unfairly, Eleanor did nothing about it. Meeting her back then, you’d never have believed Eleanor was destined to become a leading communication skills trainer.

But in 1993, the turning point came. Eleanor was working in a university library. Before starting that job, Eleanor imagined her days would be spent talking to other literature fans about great books. But that never happened. Eleanor was in charge of the complaints section. Every day people screamed at her about their library fines. Each night she went home a nervous wreck. Her boss said ‘don’t take it personally’ but that was easier said than done.

Finally, Eleanor decided she’d had enough. She enrolled her entire team in a Conflict Resolution course. And she was mesmerised. Not only did she learn how to speak assertively, she was totally entranced by the trainer. ‘That’s the job I want’ she thought. She applied to study Adult Education the next week. But there was a problem. Eleanor was terrified of public speaking. She had to beat that obstacle. And she did. With the support of a skilled therapist, she beat her stage-fright. Finally, she was both qualified AND confident enough to talk to a group.

Keen to apply her new skills, Eleanor began running Conflict Resolution courses for library staff. Then she got her dream job. She became a trainer in the university’s Staff Development Unit. In that role, Eleanor honed her signature training style – a vibrant combination of storytelling and action based learning.

Word spread about Eleanor’s ability to bring out the best in people. She began teaching evening courses. These were full of people who needed skills for handling challenging colleagues and clients. Inspired by what they learned, these people went back to their teams. They began calling to ask ‘Can you run a course in-house for our business?’ And so Eleanor’s training business, Think Learn Succeed was born.

That business went from strength to strength. Then Eleanor realised her clients wanted more than just training workshops. They needed resources for learning at home, within workplaces and in virtual teams. Eleanor sat down and recorded 12 audio sessions…then wrote a book…and produced a range of instructional videos. Every month, she produces new resources so that YOU can keep learning.

Today, delivering the Difficult People Made Easy range is a team effort. The talented team who work with Eleanor include:

  • Emma Wilson – administrator
  • Kirsty Racher – writer
  • Wendy Jocum – facilitator
  • David Morely – facilitator
  • Kai Raisbeck – video expert

Turn that tough situation around NOW. Call Eleanor on 61-433 126 841 or send her an email

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